Hampshire Dragonflies
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(Anax imperator)

A Moment
A large (78mm) and active dragonfly preferring well-vegetated standing water but may be found along canals and rivers.

Males are very aggressive towards other dragonflies sharing their territory, although, contrary to popular belief, several may share the same pond and set up individual territories. They usually follow a predictive path, retreating swiftly to the start of their patrol before gradually surveying their territory in short, slow bursts, frequently hovering against the wind.

Females are often seen ovipositing into emergent plants, preferably away from inquisitive males and often under cloudy conditions. They spend the majority of their time away from water in meadows and clearings, hunting efficiently and repeatedly over a territory.

They are especially nervous while coupled, easily disturbed and a stealth challenge for photographers. Despite being one of our most common large dragonflies, they always provide a magnificent spectacle and are true masters of their element.


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